Address: No. 66 Fucheng Road, Haidian District, Building No. 201.
Postal Code: 100143
Phone :010 -68178226
Fax 010 -68131293
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        BEIJING HANCH CO.LTD. was established in 2002. It is High-tech enterprise in professional development of the radial tire building machines. Hanch has successfully  developed a variety of series of tire building machines with the international advanced level of technology ,can be used in the production of passenger Car, Light Truck, Truck & Bus, Off-The-Road radial tire, and other products. HANCH supplies excellent products and provides satisfying services with the wholehearted and empressement attitude .The company has passed the ISO-9001 certification.

Company’s main products :

·Series of Passenger Car Radial Tire Building Machine(PCR)

·Series of Light truck Radial Tire Building Machine(LTR)

·Series of Truck & Bus Radial Tire Building Machine(TBR)

·Series of Off-The-Road Radial Tire Building Machine(OTR)

·Series of Agricultural Radial Tire Building Machine(AGR)



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